Friday, June 13, 2014

manicurist in the making

the first time he was able to notice the colors on my nails,
he  was very curious.

then time after time, he saw the colors come and go,
he took it as a fact.

to now, he asks, as a matter of fact, when my nails need to breathe,
"mami, why no color here?"

seeing him paying the level of attention i don't normally get from somotu
i like asking him to pick the color for me.

almost all the time, it will turn out to be pink.
as pink is still his favorite color.

then the other day,
while i have my kit out, getting ready to do some coloring,
he insisted on coloring his.
my first reaction was "NO!" 
he kept asking why why why.... 
and emphasized how much he wanted to have colors on his nails
no matter how many times i explained to him that (normally) boys don't color their nails..

in the end, i gave up.
so i asked him to take out a piece of paper,
trace his hand, 
draw the mails,
and color them in whatever color he likes.

i must say he did quite a good job.
i may consider paying him to do my nails so that he can start earning his pocket money!

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