Friday, June 20, 2014

friday night laugh

after showering him tonight,
i turned around trying to get the towel to dry him
while he waited in the bath tub as usual.
and, oops, there wasn't any towel,
so i ran to the other room to grab one....

as i was in the other room,
i heard some noise
and feet stomping in the hallway.

when i went back to our bedroom, 
the small person was no where to be found.
i saw wet little foot prints all the way from the bath tub to the hallway....

i quickly ran to the living room,
spotted a naked little body 
and in less than a second,
i had it under my arms
and stormed back to our bedroom.

seeing his sneaky smile,
an idea flashed through my mind.

"oh dear!!!!  what's that??!!!" as i pointed to the foot prints with a scared look on my face.
the cheeky little one, giggled.
"i am serious, look!" i insisted.
"hahahah, mine mine!"  he laughed.
"i don't think so!" i said with a worried voice.
i then walked around the bedroom examining the foot prints... 
and i stood quietly... 
the cheeky look on his face started to fade....
and he said "what mommy, what?"
i think it's the biggggggg baddddddddd wooooolfffffffffffffff"
"no mommy.....  i am scared, hug hug mommy!"

i gave him a big hug, "mommy is here to protect you!"
and held him really tight...

a few seconds went by and a giggle leaked out from me..
he turned up to look at me...
realizing what i just did to him...
he grinned and told me
"no mommy, it's me... 
i am the LITTLE badddddddd woolfffffffffffffffffffffff"

we both laughed

somotu came in 
heard our story
rolled his eyes on us
and left the bedroom


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