Saturday, June 7, 2014

day 3 @ okinawa

the day started off with bright blue sky.
by the time we reached the churaumi acquarium, it was very sunny and hot..
to our delight, there was a large play area for children to go crazy over the endless nets...
embarrassing enough,
i was as excited as little bb when i saw them that i climbed on them too...
it wasn't too long before a guard came over and signaled me to come down..
these nets are intended for 3-6 years old only *ayaaaa*
by the time we pulled little bb away from the nets,
he was one soaking wet piggy....

the air-conditioning inside the aquarium was exactly what we needed.
soon after the entrance, we came by this area which we could touch and feel little sea creatures...
little bb has fun with the blue star fish.

the best part of the visit was sitting next to the gigantic tank,
watching the whale sharks, manta rays, school of fish gliding by
while having lunch.

as we headed off to the dolphin show at the okichan theater,
we stopped by the dolphin lagoon to feed them...

as we watched the show, gray clouds approached from the far...
the plan was to go to the emerald beach after the show,
but wise somotu said we must run back to our car...
which we did and lucky we did!
it rained so heavily that i was actually a bit scared sitting inside the car
while somotu drove with limited visibility and strong wind...

after a short break at the hotel,
we headed off to one of the huge supermarkets...

here, we found something for brownie and sugar!
snacks that they haven't had for a long time!

before the sun set, we went to the beach across from the hotel...
to play with the remaining fire crackers...

little bb was a bit nervous about holding them by himself
and insisted that somotu held them together with him for the first few ones.

it was really windy... couldn't play by the sea...  could only stand in between the bushes so that the wind wouldn't extinguish them.

at dinner time,
while waiting for the dinner to be served,
little bb started drawing.
when asked what they were,
he told us they were the fish hiding in the coral (nemo and dory)....
*laugh* at least he remembered what he saw at the aquarium *laugh*

i really liked the wooden bowl and tray used to serve little bb's dinner...
i almost wanted to sneak them home!

and this wrapped up our last night at okinawa

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