Monday, June 2, 2014

day 1 @ okinawa: busena marine park

back to the  okinawa trip...

the first stop on our first full day there was the busena marine park.
after walking back up from the spiral staircase to the underwater observatory,
we fed fish from the bridge.
little bb had loads of fun throughout the entire process,
from putting coins into the vending machine for fish food,
to breaking the biscuit into smaller chunks,
to sharing the food with us to feed the fish,
to throwing the food and biscuit into the sea,
to watching the fish eat.

and i must say how they package the food is very clever.
this is what comes out from the vending machine...
inside out...  the entire thing can be fed to the fish...
there is no waste, no plastic at all.

after the feeding, we walked over to the glass bottom boat
to see the coral and fish.
too bad the weather condition didn't allow us to feed fish from the boat...
it was actually quite windy...  our boat was rocking quite seriously..
lucky i didn't need a throw up bag!

just when we were done, a big grey cloud flew by and it started to rain cats and dogs...
we managed to run back to our car without getting soaked!
lucky us!

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