Monday, June 30, 2014

♪ 我愛我的爸媽 ♪

乖乖, 乖乖

little bb sang me this song last night...
as he was singing this song,
i got butterflies in my stomach....

this song was sang both at the mother's day and father's day celebration organized by little bb's school...
only that he wasn't willing to sing the song to me and somotu on the respective days...

i got sick again upon returning from utrecht
and felt really drowsy after medication...
so i told little bb that i could only read one book at bedtime...
unwillingly, he nodded his head
and took his favorite book and flipped through the pages by himself
after i read one book to him.

when he was done i turned off the light and lay down next to him..

unexpectedly, he said to me:

then, he sang the song to me...

this is the first time that he sang it completely and clearly

this morning, i sang the song to him
he was all giggly and said "no no no"

**and said to me that the third phrase should be

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