Monday, June 30, 2014

♪ 我愛我的爸媽 ♪

乖乖, 乖乖

little bb sang me this song last night...
as he was singing this song,
i got butterflies in my stomach....

this song was sang both at the mother's day and father's day celebration organized by little bb's school...
only that he wasn't willing to sing the song to me and somotu on the respective days...

i got sick again upon returning from utrecht
and felt really drowsy after medication...
so i told little bb that i could only read one book at bedtime...
unwillingly, he nodded his head
and took his favorite book and flipped through the pages by himself
after i read one book to him.

when he was done i turned off the light and lay down next to him..

unexpectedly, he said to me:

then, he sang the song to me...

this is the first time that he sang it completely and clearly

this morning, i sang the song to him
he was all giggly and said "no no no"

**and said to me that the third phrase should be

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014

boat ride

first day of the conference is wrapped up
by a nice boat ride along one of the canals of utrecht

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


"mami, 你可唔可以唔撘飛機?"


i will be missing you tons!

Friday, June 20, 2014

friday night laugh

after showering him tonight,
i turned around trying to get the towel to dry him
while he waited in the bath tub as usual.
and, oops, there wasn't any towel,
so i ran to the other room to grab one....

as i was in the other room,
i heard some noise
and feet stomping in the hallway.

when i went back to our bedroom, 
the small person was no where to be found.
i saw wet little foot prints all the way from the bath tub to the hallway....

i quickly ran to the living room,
spotted a naked little body 
and in less than a second,
i had it under my arms
and stormed back to our bedroom.

seeing his sneaky smile,
an idea flashed through my mind.

"oh dear!!!!  what's that??!!!" as i pointed to the foot prints with a scared look on my face.
the cheeky little one, giggled.
"i am serious, look!" i insisted.
"hahahah, mine mine!"  he laughed.
"i don't think so!" i said with a worried voice.
i then walked around the bedroom examining the foot prints... 
and i stood quietly... 
the cheeky look on his face started to fade....
and he said "what mommy, what?"
i think it's the biggggggg baddddddddd wooooolfffffffffffffff"
"no mommy.....  i am scared, hug hug mommy!"

i gave him a big hug, "mommy is here to protect you!"
and held him really tight...

a few seconds went by and a giggle leaked out from me..
he turned up to look at me...
realizing what i just did to him...
he grinned and told me
"no mommy, it's me... 
i am the LITTLE badddddddd woolfffffffffffffffffffffff"

we both laughed

somotu came in 
heard our story
rolled his eyes on us
and left the bedroom


Thursday, June 19, 2014

misc @ okinawa

things that he was really excited about...

the hello kitty pop-it-yourself popcorn machine
the kids menu
the bath tub with a view and "robot" blinds (i.e. self-powered blinds)

needless to say,
bath time becomes (one of) highlights of each day...
he would just keep spinning while poor mama tried to hold still and rub the little body clean...
and he calls it as
the "scrubble bubble machine"

little words

the other day, while we were waiting for somotu to get home,

i asked little bb,


"Hmmm 不過我有好多功課要做喎!"



mami 滴汗中......


this was one of his homework...
little bb drew a dog for the first time,
not really the first time
but it is the first time it actually looks a bit like a dog...
and of course the characters were not written by him...
and not mine either! 
my handwriting is better *laugh*!

and do you know, little bb, you and i share the same wish!

we should start acting good and prepare our letter to santa for this christmas!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

super hero + honey

a *fantastic* super heroes tee we got from okinawa....
it does pump up the energy for little bb...

that day, there were a handful of butterflies hovering around these flowers...
we quietly stood there, watching them
it was pretty amazing to have an up close view of the butterflies sucking nectar...

tonight, one page of our bedtime story books talks about bees and honey...
little bb quickly reminded me that butterflies like honey too...
very good little bb...  seeing is believing / learning...

what could be better than an ice lolly after cycling under the sun?

and little bb finished the entire lolly for the first time!

the lolly melted quite quickly, 
making his hands as sweet and sticky as honey....
but no butterfly / bee dare to land on any of the ten sweet sticky *pops*...
they must have gotten the message from the super hero tee!  *laugh* 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

happy father's day

a pen stand
with things drawn by little bb on all sides
on this side, is daddy, mommy and little bb...

it's the first ever family portrait he drew
(he is still drawing people with no bodies...  *laugh*)
actually, not really quite a family portrait...
cuz brownie and sugar are missing...

a card
with his signature figurine
though this one is wearing sun glasses

the best part of it is, obviously, the lace!
how could it be that the father's day card has lace but not the one for mother's day??!!!

plus a bow tie, adorned with his signature figurine again...
modeled by brownie

all these were made at school...
and yes,
i am quite jealous because they are nicer than the ones made for mother's day!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Friday, June 13, 2014

manicurist in the making

the first time he was able to notice the colors on my nails,
he  was very curious.

then time after time, he saw the colors come and go,
he took it as a fact.

to now, he asks, as a matter of fact, when my nails need to breathe,
"mami, why no color here?"

seeing him paying the level of attention i don't normally get from somotu
i like asking him to pick the color for me.

almost all the time, it will turn out to be pink.
as pink is still his favorite color.

then the other day,
while i have my kit out, getting ready to do some coloring,
he insisted on coloring his.
my first reaction was "NO!" 
he kept asking why why why.... 
and emphasized how much he wanted to have colors on his nails
no matter how many times i explained to him that (normally) boys don't color their nails..

in the end, i gave up.
so i asked him to take out a piece of paper,
trace his hand, 
draw the mails,
and color them in whatever color he likes.

i must say he did quite a good job.
i may consider paying him to do my nails so that he can start earning his pocket money!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

last day @ okinawa

the weather on our last day was the best we had
we quickly changed our plan for the morning
and jumped into the pool at the hotel

little bb had such a great time
and of course didn't want to leave....

after checking out from hotel, we went to the american village again
to see what it's like during day time.

strolled around a bit and then sat down at this cute little eatery.
little bb finished one very big hot dog all by himself!
i don't think even i can finish such a big one!

and this was our last stop before we headed off to the airport....

Monday, June 9, 2014

fast as a shark

fast as a shark 
~ by donna regina

I swim it all away
I swim it all away
I am as fast as a shark
In the deep blue sea
And nothing really matters
All that much to me
When i swim it all away
I swim it all away
I'm fast and i don't care
About the past i ut dare
To be tall, can't recall
How small i felt yesterday
Now i swim it all away

You're a big white whale
You're gentle and pure
And you now how to go
Along with the endless flow
When you swim it all away
You swim it all away
Come swim it all away
Come swim it all away

and little bb likes to say
"faster you can!"

Sunday, June 8, 2014

laid back

it's first of many sundays that it was so laid back....
we woke up past noon...  almost late for lunch with my parents.
after lunch, we strolled back home.
went cycling and scootering after little bb has finished his homework.
had a little break before we had dinner with somotu's family.
dessert was crunchy sea salt caramel ice cream from lab made.
while lying in bed with little bb during his bed time,
it started to rain....
love the sound of rain on the window, on the pavement...
when i came out to the living room after little bb has fallen asleep,
the rain hasn't stopped,
it was joined by thunder and lightening.
and that was the end of our laid back sunday.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

day 3 @ okinawa

the day started off with bright blue sky.
by the time we reached the churaumi acquarium, it was very sunny and hot..
to our delight, there was a large play area for children to go crazy over the endless nets...
embarrassing enough,
i was as excited as little bb when i saw them that i climbed on them too...
it wasn't too long before a guard came over and signaled me to come down..
these nets are intended for 3-6 years old only *ayaaaa*
by the time we pulled little bb away from the nets,
he was one soaking wet piggy....

the air-conditioning inside the aquarium was exactly what we needed.
soon after the entrance, we came by this area which we could touch and feel little sea creatures...
little bb has fun with the blue star fish.

the best part of the visit was sitting next to the gigantic tank,
watching the whale sharks, manta rays, school of fish gliding by
while having lunch.

as we headed off to the dolphin show at the okichan theater,
we stopped by the dolphin lagoon to feed them...

as we watched the show, gray clouds approached from the far...
the plan was to go to the emerald beach after the show,
but wise somotu said we must run back to our car...
which we did and lucky we did!
it rained so heavily that i was actually a bit scared sitting inside the car
while somotu drove with limited visibility and strong wind...

after a short break at the hotel,
we headed off to one of the huge supermarkets...

here, we found something for brownie and sugar!
snacks that they haven't had for a long time!

before the sun set, we went to the beach across from the hotel...
to play with the remaining fire crackers...

little bb was a bit nervous about holding them by himself
and insisted that somotu held them together with him for the first few ones.

it was really windy... couldn't play by the sea...  could only stand in between the bushes so that the wind wouldn't extinguish them.

at dinner time,
while waiting for the dinner to be served,
little bb started drawing.
when asked what they were,
he told us they were the fish hiding in the coral (nemo and dory)....
*laugh* at least he remembered what he saw at the aquarium *laugh*

i really liked the wooden bowl and tray used to serve little bb's dinner...
i almost wanted to sneak them home!

and this wrapped up our last night at okinawa