Sunday, May 11, 2014


嘩! 你有黑眼圈!

little bb: 咩呀?

pointing to his eye bags...  here!

little bb: 擦唔擦得甩家?

hahaha, 我都想可以擦得甩....

little bb: 咩黎家?


few minutes later, he said he wanted to drink water cuz his throat hurts....

fearing that he got it from us, somotu went to get little bb's medicine and a cup of water with added salt.

as soon as little bb saw them, he said 

they will make u feel better so you can go back to sleep....


somotu then asked him to try gargle mouthwash as he read that it can help kill  the virus causing sore throat.   

with much reluctance, little bb tried and came back telling me "好辣"

but you have sore throat.




Hopping back to his bed, he said to Somotu, "我要瞓 la 唔係有黑眼圈"
in a very serious tone.

laying down on his bed, he said to me


somotu and i have been sick since tuesday...
we both ran high fever and now down with sore throat...

fight hard, little bb, don't let them get you!

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