Sunday, May 4, 2014

an encounter with charlie chaplin

little bb's first experience with a full orchestra, chaplin for kids.

little bb finds the old racing cars in kid auto races at venice interesting 
as he has never seen racing cars from the past
and of course,
he loves cars and anything that has cars in it.

however, we weren't able to stay till the end.
towards the middle of the performance, which was also his normal napping time,
he started telling me that he was sleepy and wanted to go home.
coupled with technical problems (the performance was interrupted twice as the screen went blank),
we left.

afterwards, i asked him how did he find the performance,
and he said, "it's too long".
(though by the time we left, we were only into around 35 minutes of the performance).

think little bb is not really ready for this kind of performance.
maybe in a couple of years time, he may appreciate more.

the more kiddy ones, like kidsfest, are more suitable for him at this stage.

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