Monday, May 26, 2014

a record for me

lots to catch up in this space
been catching up with work and life after returning from our trip to okinawa

for now,
just what we did on this past sunday...

it was definitely a record for me...
we were under the sun for almost the entire day and
when the sun was high up in the sky.

a friend of ours referred us to this mini rugby footfall union.
they meet every sunday for the kids to learn, practice and play...

it was little bb's first time playing rugby.
after observing the "situation" for awhile,
he took a few rugby balls and started playing with them.
he was still reluctant to join the coach and the team...
nevertheless it was a good start....
if he does express enough interest after a few more trials, we will sign him up to join the U6 team...

the thing for me is the heat and sun...
we all had to stand under the sun for the entire morning...
which is something that i am not used to!
*laugh* i used to be an indoor person.... and i rarely did any sports...
basically i lived in shopping malls and coffee shops... *laugh*
but that was history.
with little bb, i am finding myself becoming less of an indoor person...
he enjoys the sun and space....
and for me, nothing can compare to seeing him smile and laugh..
i guess i just need to stock up on sunscreen lotion! 

when we left the field around noon,
we were soaking wet!

after lunch,
we went to the pool for some water fun...

definitely a record for me.... for being so "sportive" for almost the entire day..

we were all extremely tired by dinner time
and fell asleep in no time...

Monday, May 12, 2014

little dreams

dreaming dreams was first introduced to little bb through one of the dr seuss books.
there was a page on the letter D, 
where a boy was sleeping in his bed having dreams about 
donuts, ducks and dogs.
little bb found the dream bubbles coming out from the top of the sleeping boy very interesting
and kept asking what they were....
and that's how he knew about dreams...

in the last couple of days,
he told me he had dreams....
two to be exact.

the first one was about his favorite / his love (next to me of course!)
on saturday, he woke up and the first thing he told me was his dream
he was very excited.
what were they doing?
and then?
"mcqueen won!"
the end?

during bedtime tonight, we talked about the furious thunder and lightning last night....
all of a sudden he said
"琴晚我見唔到你, 我咸!"
i though he was telling me how he came out of the bedroom looking for me when he woke up shortly after he fell asleep.
and then what did you do?
and then?
then i realized it may be a dream because auntie (our helper) wasn't there and i certainly was there with him.
so i kept asking.
"我搵你, 我見唔到你, 我咸!"
oh ....
was it a dream you had last night?

after a few seconds, he closed his eyes while laying in bed
and said 
"i love you"

i love you too.

i want to hear more dreams of yours.

mommy is very happy to be in your dreams, one of your very first few dreams.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


嘩! 你有黑眼圈!

little bb: 咩呀?

pointing to his eye bags...  here!

little bb: 擦唔擦得甩家?

hahaha, 我都想可以擦得甩....

little bb: 咩黎家?


few minutes later, he said he wanted to drink water cuz his throat hurts....

fearing that he got it from us, somotu went to get little bb's medicine and a cup of water with added salt.

as soon as little bb saw them, he said 

they will make u feel better so you can go back to sleep....


somotu then asked him to try gargle mouthwash as he read that it can help kill  the virus causing sore throat.   

with much reluctance, little bb tried and came back telling me "好辣"

but you have sore throat.




Hopping back to his bed, he said to Somotu, "我要瞓 la 唔係有黑眼圈"
in a very serious tone.

laying down on his bed, he said to me


somotu and i have been sick since tuesday...
we both ran high fever and now down with sore throat...

fight hard, little bb, don't let them get you!

my babies

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sunday, May 4, 2014

an encounter with charlie chaplin

little bb's first experience with a full orchestra, chaplin for kids.

little bb finds the old racing cars in kid auto races at venice interesting 
as he has never seen racing cars from the past
and of course,
he loves cars and anything that has cars in it.

however, we weren't able to stay till the end.
towards the middle of the performance, which was also his normal napping time,
he started telling me that he was sleepy and wanted to go home.
coupled with technical problems (the performance was interrupted twice as the screen went blank),
we left.

afterwards, i asked him how did he find the performance,
and he said, "it's too long".
(though by the time we left, we were only into around 35 minutes of the performance).

think little bb is not really ready for this kind of performance.
maybe in a couple of years time, he may appreciate more.

the more kiddy ones, like kidsfest, are more suitable for him at this stage.

meet leon the wolf

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Friday, May 2, 2014

Thursday, May 1, 2014

playground and doggies

 photo stanley-2.gif

we slept till almost noon (extremely rare.... so a big thank you to little bb for letting me sleep!)

then went to stanley....

where little bb had loads of fun at the playground as well as playing with doggies we met along the way....

here, is a giant version of sugar!

figuring how to play this one...

i find watching the kids solving *problems* on their own amusing and cute..

milky way

in pink


in blue