Thursday, April 17, 2014

our first easter craft

little bb's easter break has started today.
for the first time,
we did something Easter like...  easter crafts.

surprisingly, little bb was able to sit still the whole morning...
we made easter eggs (out of foam eggs),
easter bunny,
an easter card for his friend,
some more easter eggs (out of clay).

to prepare for this craft session,
we made a list together of the things we need from the stationary shop.

with the list in his hands,
little bb helped pick up the items.

main color theme is, of course, pink... his favorite color....
and black... his second favorite color.

i thought of dying real eggs...
but gave up the idea
as didn't want to waste and break them...

was going to just make easter bunnies with the paper cups at home
but saw the foam eggs at the stationary shop
and got them to paint on.

easter eggs made of clay.....
and little bb insisted on making this *monster egg*

his easter bunny

his and mine...

mine.... decoupage easter egg
made from aged paper from foreign dictionaries,
lace, black easter bunny, and a mini pom pom....

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