Tuesday, April 29, 2014

one big tummy, one contented mami

somotu and i have been taking turns to stay home with little bb
as our helper needs to go back home for a week urgently....

today is my turn

after somotu took little bb to the school bus this morning,
i stayed in bed for about half an hour,
before i started preparing for little bb's lunch.

i would have just taken little bb out for lunch 
rather than cook 
if not because of the other day
when little bb said he prefers eating mami's cooking over dining out!

he is the only person on earth who would eat food cooked by me.

i cooked for somotu once shortly we were married
at the end of the meal
he said
"please don't ever cook again".....


back to today's menu,
it's pan fried pasta with garlic, butter and brussel sprouts,
on the side we have honey grilled salmon.

the pasta, is not just any pasta....
by order of little bb,
it's "pasta mixed together"
i.e. mixed different kinds of pasta together.
together, we have lightening mcqueen shaped, heart shaped, alphabets and spirals.
all of them being the last portion in their original packing.


while little bb was eating the pasta,
i asked him if he likes mami's pasta or the pasta we had last night more (bought from a cafe)....
he said 


from one big bowl,
this is all that's left.

and the little tummy was big and round.

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