Monday, March 31, 2014

thunder and lightning

weather has been horrible over the weekend
daytime looks like midnight
raining cats and dogs 
thunder roared and lightning breaks the sky
there were even hail

when little bb woke up from his morning nap,
the sky was dark 
and he asked "why so dark?"
when he heard thunder, he grinned.
we asked if he was afraid, he said no.

during dinner,
the thunder and lightning came back....
we asked if he was afraid, 
with a wicked smile,
he said,
we said, it's probably too high up in the sky for him to "打走佢!" 
plus, it's not nice to hit the thunder.... hands are not for hitting *wink*
the little eyes blinked and he said,
followed by a wide opened mouth.....

at bath time,
the thunder continued to roar, louder than ever.
this round, he was scared, big time.

somotu and i put up a big show to soothen the scared little soul,
and he finally fell asleep....

we went to the hong kong observatory open day yesterday....
where we found out a bit more about thunder and lightning...

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