Saturday, March 15, 2014

our astro night

he finally got to open his last xmas present from 2013.
one that i have actually forgotten about.

it is a glow in the dark + night light about outer space...

when i was small,
i dreamed of being the first female astronaut.
i was obsessed with anything about space...
read books, built models and dreamt....

now with little bb,
i have been telling him about the planets, the moon, astronauts, space ships ever since 
we started our bedtime story routine when he turned 1...

we read different books, dress in onesies which i tell him are spacesuits...

with this xmas present,
we pretended to get in a spaceship and fly to outer space
to find aliens.

he said he was a bit scared
but i told him mami is always here for him...
we held hands, snuggled up, hid under the blankets
and slept in outer space....
with all the stars, planets, moon shining over us.

now sitting here while he is asleep,
i think my dream did come true afterall....
and it's even better...
i am not alone,
i am with little bb as i travel into space, 
our own little space.

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