Monday, March 31, 2014

thunder and lightning

weather has been horrible over the weekend
daytime looks like midnight
raining cats and dogs 
thunder roared and lightning breaks the sky
there were even hail

when little bb woke up from his morning nap,
the sky was dark 
and he asked "why so dark?"
when he heard thunder, he grinned.
we asked if he was afraid, he said no.

during dinner,
the thunder and lightning came back....
we asked if he was afraid, 
with a wicked smile,
he said,
we said, it's probably too high up in the sky for him to "打走佢!" 
plus, it's not nice to hit the thunder.... hands are not for hitting *wink*
the little eyes blinked and he said,
followed by a wide opened mouth.....

at bath time,
the thunder continued to roar, louder than ever.
this round, he was scared, big time.

somotu and i put up a big show to soothen the scared little soul,
and he finally fell asleep....

we went to the hong kong observatory open day yesterday....
where we found out a bit more about thunder and lightning...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

little people little things

+ minikin


+ DIY train set +


+ sparkle party crowns , kelli murray +


+ sweet shop lulu


+ le maison de loulou

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014

trainees at the happy bear hospital

had a truly wonderful experience at the happy bear hospital this afternoon.
it was both a fund raising as well as an opportunity for children to experience what it's like to be a patient and how doctors and nurses care for the patients.

we met up with little bb's school mates and began our journey.
each of the children brought along their favorite soft toy as their patient.

our first stop was for our trainee doctors to do body check for their little patients.
using a stethoscope, little bb check the breathing of his kangaroo.

then we headed off to the training centre at which the trainee doctors
attended classroom training and practiced....

the first training was nephrology.
the trainees were shown how to care for patients with kidney problems.
(as the name of the hospital suggested, all its patients are teddy bears!)

the next training was oncology.
the trainees learned about cancer, the treatment, chemo and its side effects.
the pink teddy lost its hair after the chemo
but teddy will recover and its hair will grow back!

the last training before the practicing began was haematology.
here, the trainees learned about blood diseases and how to extract blood to run tests.
look, brown teddy has recovered and all smiley after the proper care of our trainees!

the practicing began!
with patients waiting for care and treatment,
our trainees worked very hard to check the body, give shots, extract blood samples, comforting the little patients....

on the other side, there awaited little patients for recovery...
trainees were to take them for a stroll in the park for fresh air in their wheels...

after all the training and practicing,
the children had to attend to their own little friend, the soft toy they brought along,
for check up.

let's check the weight and height first....

then patiently wait in line for the turn to see the doctor....

finally kangaroo's turn!
the doctor asked what's the matter with kangaroo and where it's not feeling well.

little bb pointed at the tail.
doctor then asked little bb to help kangaroo lie on its tummy so doctor could check the tail.

after some examination,
little bb was told that kangaroo might have cut its tail while hopping around the bushes....

doctor asked little bb to take extra care of kangaroo by not letting it jump and hop for awhile.
prescription was given (three pills a day) and off we went to the pharmacy to collect the pills.

reward for learning and working so hard ~~
pillow fight!