Friday, February 21, 2014

when vanity strikes

i may possibly be one of those few people who only knew about the 
recent craze over a korean tv series.

heard about it through a friend who is following the series 
but didn't really pay attention as i don't watch tv.

then a few weeks ago, 
feeling a sudden urge to get new lip colors for the lunar new year,
i went to check out the lip colors at the counter.

while i was checking out the colors,
there was a non stop stream of girls looking for a particular color.
some were quoting the name of the tv series.
some were quoting the color
some were quoting a number
and repeatedly the sales said "all sold out" 
(and one can tell the sales are very tired from answering the same questions).

so i asked what was all that about...
and it was the famous #52.
there was even a waiting list for it!  
no kidding!  a waiting list for a lipstick!

i didn't get myself on the waiting list cuz it's not a color for me...
but it was very amusing to see the craze.

i didn't get that
but i got a bunch of other things....

kinda scary!
this is what happen when i haven't shop for *too long*!

though i must say the lip colors are quite nourishing and carry a scent that i like.
and the nail colors,
loving them all!

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