Tuesday, February 25, 2014

teacher potato

so after dinner last night,
little bb said he wants to play teacher and student in mami's room (my-zakka-room-turned-baby-room for him...  actually a bit surprised that he still calls it as mami's room....)

it's a little game of ours which we take turns to be teacher asking questions and student answering questions politely.

we brought two little chairs into the room for the students to sit down.

"me teacher, you and dadi students"

he went inside and sat on my big chair
while somotu and I waited outside to be called upon.

he then shut the door and shouted "come in".

we knocked and opened the door, said good morning teacher and asked if we could be seated.

with a serious face, holding a piece of paper, little bb started asking us questions,
"whats your name"
"how old are you"
"where do u live"

suddenly, he ran to the desk and took out the potato man he made awhile ago.
he placed it on the teacher's chair and said, "teacher potato"

just like that, he ran away
leaving somotu and i in the room
feeling puzzled.

we looked at each other and giggled...
actually we started giggling and poking at  each other as soon as we went inside the door and saw his serious face...

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