Sunday, February 23, 2014

happy birthday didi!

had a wonderful and lovely day 
it was didi's 5th birthday party
and this year,
his has chosen the theme of ninjago (didn't know about this ninja of ice until now)

the theme was brought to live through the magic hands of dear joanna....
what a clever way to make a balloon stand!

little bb loves these homemade cupcakes.... 
the little picky eater had two!

the party on the rooftop was wonderful!
clear blue sky for a change
cool breeze with rays of sunshine 
it was the perfect weather for the party!

we all had lots of fun and laughter
as for little bb,
it was his first successful cycling experience with the tricycle!
he finally managed to move forward!

after feeling more comfortable with the tricycle,
he started driving his *passenger* (a hedgehog softie of sansan) around...

it was really amusing to watch him drive around his passenger
with much care and telling us that he has got a "passenger!"
taking his job very seriously, he kept making sure his passenger was sitting comfortably and safely...
kind sansan even came over to help make the passenger comfortable..

at one point, someone took his passenger and he got all upset.
after awhile the passenger landed in his hands again.
only this time, with a serious and careful look, gave me his passenger and 
asked me to "keep "
every now and then, he would stop by with the tricycle to make sure the safety of his passenger
and asked me to "渣好d!"
he even brought his passenger to the food table to have some "mum mum"!
so funny!

and here comes our star of the day! 
(amazing backdrop made from scratch by joanna!!!)
happy birthday day!
kai ma hope to celebrate your birthday every year
(until the time comes when you are too old and too cool a boy to spend your day with
the oldies!  *smile*)

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joanna said...

thanks so much for coming and sharing the fun!!!