Wednesday, February 26, 2014

all about animals

the theme at school for this month is animal

the other day little bb's homework was to learn and talk about animals from different countries.
the little globe that i got for him as christmas present came in really handy.

little bb has loads of fun spinning the globe,
finding the animals and their home country...

then we tried to match the animals with their names on the cards...
100% hit rate for his first attempt
and i just knew that it is too good to be true
the hit rate diminished quite rapidly thereafter *laugh*


this monday,
i went for my first story reading time at little bb's school.
as a parent volunteer, i am supposed to spend around an hour,
reading a book to the class.

i must say i was quite nervous as i arrived at school that morning.
little bb's english class teacher led me to a room and explained to me what
i was supposed to do.
and she told me that little bb was very excited about me going to school...
she said the first thing he said to her when he got to school was,
"my mommy is coming to school"!

to be in line with the theme of the month,
we looked for books about animals.
the first one i took out from the book shelf was 

a great book and great author (by now, little bb can tell him as the author for his books)
the only thing (worry) was not entirely sure about the sounds made by some of the animals in the book, like the sound made by a peacock, by a walrus, by a zebra...

the teacher told me not to worry,
as the kids would be just as happy and excited if i made funny sounds.
oh well, so this book it is!

little bb's class was divided into small groups of 8 
and i was to read the same book to each group.

i waited anxiously for the children to come out from their classroom.
the first little someone from the first group heading my way was little bb!

the look on his face already brightened me up...
he looked happy, excited and at the same time has that "cannot believe mami is at school during class time" look...

as the group sat down, little bb kept telling his friends "this is my mommy!",

the children seemed to enjoy the book and most of them were engaged enough to answer questions i asked... (or at least they look happy)...

it was a very enjoyable experience
i love being with little bb and his classmates/friends
i love getting to know more names of his classmates
i love seeing the curious and innocent little faces
i love their reaction (or no-reaction from some of them *smile*)

and i finally got to put a face to a name which little bb keeps mentioning recently 
so confirmed that there is really such a girl in his class
as sometimes we are not entirely sure whether all the things he said are true!
i guess kids at this age are becoming more aware of people and things around them
and most of the time what he told us did happen / are true 
as opposed to last school year when he usually mixed different incidents and people up
which ended up telling us a completely different story

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