Friday, February 28, 2014

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

all about animals

the theme at school for this month is animal

the other day little bb's homework was to learn and talk about animals from different countries.
the little globe that i got for him as christmas present came in really handy.

little bb has loads of fun spinning the globe,
finding the animals and their home country...

then we tried to match the animals with their names on the cards...
100% hit rate for his first attempt
and i just knew that it is too good to be true
the hit rate diminished quite rapidly thereafter *laugh*


this monday,
i went for my first story reading time at little bb's school.
as a parent volunteer, i am supposed to spend around an hour,
reading a book to the class.

i must say i was quite nervous as i arrived at school that morning.
little bb's english class teacher led me to a room and explained to me what
i was supposed to do.
and she told me that little bb was very excited about me going to school...
she said the first thing he said to her when he got to school was,
"my mommy is coming to school"!

to be in line with the theme of the month,
we looked for books about animals.
the first one i took out from the book shelf was 

a great book and great author (by now, little bb can tell him as the author for his books)
the only thing (worry) was not entirely sure about the sounds made by some of the animals in the book, like the sound made by a peacock, by a walrus, by a zebra...

the teacher told me not to worry,
as the kids would be just as happy and excited if i made funny sounds.
oh well, so this book it is!

little bb's class was divided into small groups of 8 
and i was to read the same book to each group.

i waited anxiously for the children to come out from their classroom.
the first little someone from the first group heading my way was little bb!

the look on his face already brightened me up...
he looked happy, excited and at the same time has that "cannot believe mami is at school during class time" look...

as the group sat down, little bb kept telling his friends "this is my mommy!",

the children seemed to enjoy the book and most of them were engaged enough to answer questions i asked... (or at least they look happy)...

it was a very enjoyable experience
i love being with little bb and his classmates/friends
i love getting to know more names of his classmates
i love seeing the curious and innocent little faces
i love their reaction (or no-reaction from some of them *smile*)

and i finally got to put a face to a name which little bb keeps mentioning recently 
so confirmed that there is really such a girl in his class
as sometimes we are not entirely sure whether all the things he said are true!
i guess kids at this age are becoming more aware of people and things around them
and most of the time what he told us did happen / are true 
as opposed to last school year when he usually mixed different incidents and people up
which ended up telling us a completely different story

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

teacher potato

so after dinner last night,
little bb said he wants to play teacher and student in mami's room (my-zakka-room-turned-baby-room for him...  actually a bit surprised that he still calls it as mami's room....)

it's a little game of ours which we take turns to be teacher asking questions and student answering questions politely.

we brought two little chairs into the room for the students to sit down.

"me teacher, you and dadi students"

he went inside and sat on my big chair
while somotu and I waited outside to be called upon.

he then shut the door and shouted "come in".

we knocked and opened the door, said good morning teacher and asked if we could be seated.

with a serious face, holding a piece of paper, little bb started asking us questions,
"whats your name"
"how old are you"
"where do u live"

suddenly, he ran to the desk and took out the potato man he made awhile ago.
he placed it on the teacher's chair and said, "teacher potato"

just like that, he ran away
leaving somotu and i in the room
feeling puzzled.

we looked at each other and giggled...
actually we started giggling and poking at  each other as soon as we went inside the door and saw his serious face...

Sunday, February 23, 2014

happy birthday didi!

had a wonderful and lovely day 
it was didi's 5th birthday party
and this year,
his has chosen the theme of ninjago (didn't know about this ninja of ice until now)

the theme was brought to live through the magic hands of dear joanna....
what a clever way to make a balloon stand!

little bb loves these homemade cupcakes.... 
the little picky eater had two!

the party on the rooftop was wonderful!
clear blue sky for a change
cool breeze with rays of sunshine 
it was the perfect weather for the party!

we all had lots of fun and laughter
as for little bb,
it was his first successful cycling experience with the tricycle!
he finally managed to move forward!

after feeling more comfortable with the tricycle,
he started driving his *passenger* (a hedgehog softie of sansan) around...

it was really amusing to watch him drive around his passenger
with much care and telling us that he has got a "passenger!"
taking his job very seriously, he kept making sure his passenger was sitting comfortably and safely...
kind sansan even came over to help make the passenger comfortable..

at one point, someone took his passenger and he got all upset.
after awhile the passenger landed in his hands again.
only this time, with a serious and careful look, gave me his passenger and 
asked me to "keep "
every now and then, he would stop by with the tricycle to make sure the safety of his passenger
and asked me to "渣好d!"
he even brought his passenger to the food table to have some "mum mum"!
so funny!

and here comes our star of the day! 
(amazing backdrop made from scratch by joanna!!!)
happy birthday day!
kai ma hope to celebrate your birthday every year
(until the time comes when you are too old and too cool a boy to spend your day with
the oldies!  *smile*)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

daddy and son

his latest favorite bedtime story....
and mine too....

the page that he giggles the most is when
darth vader says to luke who is blowing bubbles through the drinking straw,
"stop making bubbles".
cuz he likes too.

Friday, February 21, 2014

when vanity strikes

i may possibly be one of those few people who only knew about the 
recent craze over a korean tv series.

heard about it through a friend who is following the series 
but didn't really pay attention as i don't watch tv.

then a few weeks ago, 
feeling a sudden urge to get new lip colors for the lunar new year,
i went to check out the lip colors at the counter.

while i was checking out the colors,
there was a non stop stream of girls looking for a particular color.
some were quoting the name of the tv series.
some were quoting the color
some were quoting a number
and repeatedly the sales said "all sold out" 
(and one can tell the sales are very tired from answering the same questions).

so i asked what was all that about...
and it was the famous #52.
there was even a waiting list for it!  
no kidding!  a waiting list for a lipstick!

i didn't get myself on the waiting list cuz it's not a color for me...
but it was very amusing to see the craze.

i didn't get that
but i got a bunch of other things....

kinda scary!
this is what happen when i haven't shop for *too long*!

though i must say the lip colors are quite nourishing and carry a scent that i like.
and the nail colors,
loving them all!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sunday, February 16, 2014

noah's ark

spent a great day at the noah's ark with little bb's classmates
the place was better than what i had expected..
very educational, spacious and age appropriate for them.

will definitely be going back again.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


mixed spices and herbs:
onion, red bell pepper, black pepper, garlic, rosemary, parsley
thick swiss cheese
terribly addictive

made and finished two whole loaf so far

though little bb finds it a little bit too "cccc spyyyy cyyy"

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

*milk* + granola

just found these cuties,
little milk carton lookalike boxes for these homemade granola

Monday, February 10, 2014


by jennifer trask...
created with bones, antler, ribs....

read this from her site,

"certain kinds of uselessness free our minds… the wonder of things in themselves confirms the goodness of being….  One of the great unacknowledged forces of domestication today may be a hunger for abundant uselessness

cited from george gessert.

i often find myself in this "uselessness" state of mind...
i like dreaming
i like wandering to places not known to others in my mind
i like doing "useless" things
i like sitting and doing nothing in my little hideaway 

with the above words, i have now found confirmation that it is perfectly fine to be "useless".