Saturday, January 25, 2014

little artists picnicking

our little "artists" finished their pieces in no time...
little bb's piece is about racing track (??!!!)
obviously it doesn't really go with the theme of the day!!!
little bb classmate's piece has four suns!!!!!

for their age, i think it was already very good *laugh*!

it was about participation and the experience...

soon after they were done, we took a quick tour of the flower market nearby...
the little ones had more fun seeing all the interesting things at the stalls
than the drawing....  *laugh*

this one is taken shortly before we packed up and left the drawing competition...
as said above,
the two finished in no time...
and started munching away........
little bb said "picnic"!
right then, i saw some reporters standing in front of us with cameras and mics.
we looked around and saw the event guests and some celebrities talking to
a girl behind us... and the reporters taking photos of them over our heads....
the little girl was very serious about her drawing and had brought along her own drawing tools...

looking at her and looking at ourselves 
we couldn't help but giggled!

they must think we were at the wrong place!

we love this picture of big contrast!
i love the big smile on little bb's face!

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