Wednesday, January 15, 2014

homemade granola

i like granola bars, crunchy oat flakes and clusters, etc...
but never thought of making them myself
until when two colleagues brought their own version of homemade granola to work.
i was reassured that they are very easy to make....
so i picked up ingredients that i didn't have at home on the way home back from office
and made them last night.

we don't have an oven (yet) and so i could only use the toaster...
i have under-estimated the power of the toaster!
since it's smaller and the baking tray is closer to heat,
a roll of the oat was burnt!

the rest came out super crispy and rich in taste....
and to my surprise, not only somotu was willing to try
(he is very picky with food),
he kept coming back for more!

as for little bb, i must say he knows how to eat granola.
he grabbed a spoonful and added them to his apples!

will surely be trying out different flavors and ingredients.

this is the recipe i used
but made changes as follows:
- no wheat germ (as i couldn't find them in the market)
- no walnut or almond (as i don't fancy them)
- no sesame seeds (don't have them)
- further reduced the amount of oil used
- instead of brown sugar alone, i mixed brown sugar and vanilla bean sugar (i love vanilla)
- added vanilla oil (love love love vanilla)
- doubled the amount of cinnamon
- sprinkled in a bit of nutmeg 
- added dried cranberries, cherries and black currant

loving the little wooden spoon i got from tokyo a couple years ago
and stackable containers from gelato pique.

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