Thursday, December 5, 2013

santa is busy tonight

little bb finally got the reply from santa* tonight!

few days ago, we sat down and wrote a letter to santa together.
have you been a good boy this year?
santa only gives xmas presents to good boys and good girls.
write your name here.
you have to tell santa how old you are.
"tuu,  nooooo, three"
tell santa what you would like as xmas presents.
bob the builder!!!"
(thinking to myself:  not a good idea...  we don't need any more cars nor toys in the house,
so i tried to steer him away)
you mean books about mcqueen and bob the builder?
"yes!  and CD!"
deal...  draw them in the letter so santa knows...

obviously the drawings in black are by little bb
and the ones in pink are by me

we posted the letter...
and tonight, we got our reply!

santa has acknowledged his wish!

and santa just finished wrapping the xmas presents** little bb has wished for.

little bb shall be happy tomorrow morning when he wakes up and sees the presents under the tree.

*santa = me
**xmas presents = mcqueen books from little bb's godmother.  they were actually his birthday presents from couple months ago which i still haven't given to little bb.  they are now his xmas presents from santa!  *laugh*

googled the real address for santa
and this looks most authentic so far

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