Tuesday, December 10, 2013

one common theme

our helper told us that little bb didn't want to go to music class this afternoon.
it's the second time in a roll already and didn't know why.

i was surprised to hear that as he is usually one happy dancing little sausage eager to rush into the classroom.

and little bb hasn't brought this up...

so i asked somotu who is the one to pick him up after class.

the reason is....

the three little pigs
the gingerbread man

what's the common in these stories?

the main character/s almost/did got eaten by the big bad wolf/fox!

he doesn't like reading these two books at bedtime...
and it turned out that in the recent two classes at the music school,
they have been singing and reading about the big bad wolf who tried to eat the ducks!

the teacher told somotu that little bb was the only one who cried in class..

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