Friday, December 27, 2013

lots and lots of gingerbread man

we have been having lots and lots of gingerbread man during this festive season
it's one of my long time favourites
and a new found love of little bb.

decorating them is just as good as consuming them!

little bb got to do the decoration twice this year,
once at home
and once at school.

he was asked to bring edible decorations to school for baking and decorating the gingerbread man..
and these were what he brought home.
no sight of the edible decorations he brought to school *laugh*
and i wonder where do these decorations come from?!

these two were gone in no time.

and these are the ones he decorated all by himself at home
which he was very eager to show somotu
and to take pictures...

i think this is a pretty good shot by little bb!

....  and behind the scene the night before, 
the decorating of the gingerbread man:

i must say i am very impressed with his efforts.
not only was he taking this "job" very seriously,
he actually sat still for over half an hour doing the decoration...
which is kinda rare as he usually can hardly stay in one position for long!

while me and our helper were busy decorating our own,
little bb made this extra, a xmas pudding (i think it is)!
well done!

i only got to make two that night.
compared to the ones by little bb,
i think mine is too boring and bland...
i like his more


since several months ago,
little bb refuses to read books that are scary to him...
like the three little pigs,
the gingerbread man,
a bit lost...

he doesn't like stories with characters feeling lost, scared or eaten!

with all the gingerbread man he has been eating,
we have used it as an opportunity to tell him that
gingerbread man is for eating
so it's fine that it got eaten by the fox in the end...

every time we say this to him,
we see a grin on the little face
followed by a wicked look.

so, at least for now,
we got one story down...
a few more to go (or to help him overcome his "fear")

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