Thursday, December 12, 2013

his 2nd christmas performance

i had a really really great, wonderful, memorable, heartwarming and happy morning today.
it's little bb's second christmas performance at school.

he did a really good job this year,
he danced and sang to almost all three songs
as compared to last year
when he just stood still throughout the entire performance.

seeing him so happy, active, so into the dancing and singing,
remembering all the moves, steps, actions and lyrics,
holding hands with his classmates and going round in circles,
continuing with his dance and moves when the santa hat slipped and covered his eyes,
then trying to pull it back up while looking puzzled and dancing,
really made me laugh like i haven't laughed for a long time!

little bb,
you are really the sunshine of my life*.

love you.

and that is when you are behaving and good.

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