Monday, December 23, 2013

a quiet day

took a few days off so that i can be with little bb while he is having his christmas break...

today is a day with no special plan...

started our morning with some school assignment,
ate breakfast,
read a book we got from sydney,
took the bus to grandparents' place
(he was happy to get to use his octopus card),
checked out a few pet shops 
(he loves animals and kept patting the dogs and cats telling them how cute they are,
and of course, didn't want to leave),
ordered take away from a neighbourhood local style fast food place
(which i have been missing),
ate lunch with the grandparents,
played with grandpa at home,
mashed potatoes for one of the dishes, shepherd's pie, for tomorrow's xmas dinner,
then went to the little playground with grandma,
late afternoon,
he took the bus back home
and he insisted to sit with grandma
fell asleep while holding grandma's hand.....

and our evening was wrapped up with some gingerbread man making.

a quiet but wonderful day....

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