Monday, November 4, 2013

the stands

it started off with the idea of having hot air balloons and clouds...
seeing me busy with drawing sketches, trying out the different shapes and sizes,
little bb said,
yes dear.
yes dear.

he went on,
oh you want rain drops too?
ok, you got rain drops!

he asked,
you want rainbow as well?
ok, there you go.

he continued,
what?!  you want thunder too?
ok, as you wish....

and that's how we ended up having clouds, rain drops, thunder and rainbow...
pretty chaotic weather,
hey, but anything is possible...
let the imagination flows!

for the clouds, i ran two identical clouds through the sewing machine,
folded up both sides to make it more 3D,
then used glitter glue pen to draw the scallops along the bottom...

for the thunder and raindrops,
i loaded the top of the cutouts with glitters after spreading white glue all over,
shook off the excess and let dry.

ribbons were used to hang the raindrops from the clouds.

for the hot air balloons,
again, i ran two identical cutouts through the sewing machine,
folded up both sides,
added cutouts in the shape of semicircles along the top to create the scallop pattern...
for some of the semicircles, glitters were loaded on top to give sparkles...

to make the stands,
i got two pairs of bookstands in blue pale from the stationery shop.
each of the balloons, clouds, thunder, raindrops, rainbow
was then added with the help of double sided tape.

the original plan was to have two of these stands on the savory food table
and another two on the sweets table...
but the sweets table turned out to be too crowded
so i ended up having all four stands placed on the savory table.

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