Saturday, November 2, 2013

the party.... part 1

for almost the entire month before the birthday party,
my head and hands were buried by pieces of color paper, ribbons, sticky tapes, threads, etc...

whenever possible, after putting little bb to bed,
i traced, cut, glued, stepped on the sewing machine, etc
to prepare for the party...

the theme i have chosen for this year is hot air balloon.
(note, it's "i" not "little bb"... *smile*
because i know too well if he was let to choose,
it's going to be mcqueen, super heroes...  
and obviously i couldn't let that happen,
i couldn't picture myself spending nights cutting out cars and heroes...
but hot air balloon isn't that totally irrelevant,
because little bb loves balloons)

to start off,
i drew many different shapes and sizes of hot air balloons and clouds...
after choosing the right shape and size, 
i traced and cut non-stop...

what i ended up having after a month of preparation:
~ 4 hot air balloon party table stands
~ 7 hot air balloon buntings
~ 50 hot air balloon cupcake toppers
~ 50 cloud cupcake toppers
~ 30 hot air balloon notebooks as one of the party favors
~ a hot air balloon party hat for little bb
~ around 15 hot air balloon and cloud cookies (with the help of dear joanna)

after awhile, i felt like a factory.... *smile*

one of the buntings on the blinds
the table stands

the hot air balloon 
cupcake toppers

cake pops *floating* on a cloud of *yarn*

one of the buntings

there were too many cupcake toppers
(i couldn't stop myself from making them!)
and they were used as picks for the fruit cups

still have many photos to go through!

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