Wednesday, November 13, 2013

the party bag

for the most important guests of the birthday party...
the little bag of party favors!

i really wanted to get something for the important guests 
that echoes the party theme, hot air balloons.

searched for awhile and gave up as i couldn't find any that i like...

so i decided to shop around to get little things that i hope would bring big smiles on the little faces.

checked out gift shops, stationary shops, book shops, toy shops, baby shops...
and ended up getting these:
* a box of crayons
* a little bubble wand
* an invisible ink pen
* an old-fashioned toy camera with pictures of animals
* a little bag of fruit treats
* a little notebook

it was the little notebook that i added things so that it shares the hot air balloon theme...
made the hot air balloons and clouds the same way as the cupcake toppers
then glued one of each onto the cover of the notebook...
made 30 of these notebooks

i like how the notebooks turned out
and i hope our little guests like them and use them too....

but i must admit, 
i like the toy camera more myself!
too bad i didn't have enough for myself and little bb *smile*


amy said...

lovely. where did you get the invisible ink pen? i'm interested! :)

aileen ♥ motu said...

oh i got them from a stationary shop near jordan MTR station (exit for bowling street, turn left at exit and walk towards the back entrance of toast box, the shop is right across the street) let me know if you need the address and name... i will look it up... i don't know the name top of my head ^_^

i think other stationary shops (the more local, neighbourhood style ones) should have them

amy said...

thanks! let me explore in those old stationary schools around my place first. :)

btw i went to allure living in lan kwai fong and got a nice clock for the kids' room. thanks for your info! :)

aileen ♥ motu said...

great!!!! i think i should visit allure living again for some xmas shopping!