Thursday, November 7, 2013

the homemade cookies

my first time making fondant cookies!
hot air balloon cookies to go with the theme of little bb's birthday party.
all possible with the help of dear joanna (thanks so much again dear!!)

it was lots of fun cutting and positioning the fondant, icing and decorating the cookies (though i must say the icing could be extremely tiring to the hands and arms!)

after we were done with the cookies,
it was the kids' turn....
seeing them being very enthusiastic, their busy little hands
and their end products made me smile from the bottom of my heart.

it was a very enjoyable day for both little bb and me.

for little bb, 
he got to ride on the tram and had a great time with san and di.
he has been wanting to take the tram again for some time.
that day, i chose the longer route to get to joanna's place
so that little bb could travel by as many different types of transportation as possible..
we first took the mtr, then changed to the tram and finally the taxi.
taking the tram around lunch time in central was probably not wise
as there were huge crowds and pushy passengers...
but little bb had a great time and that was all worthwhile.
for the rest of the day,
he had a great great time with didi and san....
and he didn't want to leave at the end of the day.
when i asked him whether he wanted to stay and sleep over,
he didn't say anything and his eyes were moving around
as if some serious and important decisions were to be made.....
(he would usually say "no" right away when asked the same question).

for me,
it was a great day off from work and be able to spend it
with ones that i love and care.....
seeing him tagging along "big brother" and "big sister"
and how the "big brother" and "big sister" were caring and patient enough
with this little one,
made me felt really warm and blessed.

thank you so much dear for helping with the cookies 
(you are always so well prepared, well planned, resourceful, intelligent and selfless)
and having me and little bb over to spend such a wonderful day with you all.

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