Saturday, November 9, 2013

the birthday hat

each year
i make a birthday hat for little bb.

each year
the duration for the birthday hat staying on his head gets longer.

the first year,
i completely forgot to put it on his head.

the second year,
he was willing to wear it for a few seconds.

this year, the third year,
he let me do fitting before the party,
he was willing to wear it when the birthday cake was out,
and he was even willing to wear it after his birthday...

for the one this year,
i must say it is, by far, the best....
the size was just right,
the colour of the glitters used for number 3 is the perfect blue for the party,
got a great tip on how to secure the elastic banding to the hat from here,
and i simply love how the whole thing came out.

and the best thing is that little bb likes it too *smile*

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