Monday, November 11, 2013

little words, big meanings

little bb is very eager to grow taller...

at one point,
he refused to eat anything green,
as he said he didn't like veggies
(so typical of kids).

but recently, he changed 180 degrees...
he would asked and begged for veggies
saying he will grow very tall if he eats alot of veggies:

tonight at bedtime,
he suddenly said to me:
(mami, you lay down,
i stand up,
i am taller than you!)


a few nights ago,
he was throwing tantrums...
i didn't know the exact reason as i was busy preparing the bed for his bedtime...

after he went to bed,
somotu told me he was really "touched" as little bb said to him:

what happened was,
little bb didn't listen to somotu
and so somotu asked him to leave the house...
little bb walked to the front door, sat down and started crying...
after awhile, he stood up, walked back to somotu and said that....
followed by a big hug...

and it melted somotu....

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