Tuesday, November 12, 2013

little feelings

during dinner last night,
out of the blue,
little bb said to us,
(i am not happy)
the little phrase was a bit alarming as he rarely says that....
we asked him why and he said
"boris 唔鐘意我!"
(boris doesn't like me)
getting more alarming because this is the first time ever he said someone else doesn't like him.
we asked him what made him say that and he said
(boris didn't play with me today)
oh why?  what did he do?
"boris belle belle, 唔同我玩!"
(boris played with belle but not with me)
i see, so what did they play?

he has a really sad and troubled look on his face...
trying to help him feel better,
we told him to gently ask boris to play with him again tomorrow.

i must admit, although i feel sympathetic...
i find his look and the way he put it quite cute and funny...
and then we realised,
he is no longer a baby baby....
he is starting to understand the concept of friends and have better understanding of his feelings....
there will be more of these little big things that will happen as he grows older
and i hope that as parents, we can guide him through these feelings in a positive and constructive way.

we asked him how's his day at school
and it was much better!

and when we tried to ask him what did they play?
he zoomed away on his scooter...

good.... he is over the sad feelings!

p.s. about boris,
we only knew out about boris last week on parents day...
when we asked little bb's class teachers how's his relationship with his schoolmates,
we were told that his best friend is boris.

we don't know who this little boys is
and we thought his best / good friends were kiki and belle belle...
little bb has never talked about boris at home...

now, i am really keen to meet boris.... *smile*

chatted with other parents while we waited for our turn on parents day...
were told by other parents that little bb is their son / daughter best friend at school

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