Friday, November 15, 2013

joyful season!

our xmas tree is up!!!
my favourite season is here!

saw these beautiful wooden decoration the other day
and decided to have the colour theme of white and glittery gold for our tree this year.

this year, little bb helped out.
last night, he helped with spreading out the (artificial) xmas tree.
after he has gone to bed, i hang up most of the decorations and lights.
tonight, he added the few finishing touches to the tree.
while he was doing that, i was going to play my all time favourite xmas songs CD....
i don't know what's wrong with me...
probably too burned out after work,
i misplaced the CD in the player... and couldn't take it out!
i was horrified...
somotu was out with his friends tonight.
with a screwdriver in one hand and scissors on the other (i was about to break the player),
i tried to take off the lid of the player, etc....
frustrated and upset,
little bb suddenly said, "need dadi"
little bb, you are spot on!  we need daddy!

and next thing i know, he said "i can fix it"
(his current favourite character is bob the builder and
the opening song goes like 
.... bob the builder.....
.... can you fix it?......
.... bob the builder.....
.... yes we can!......)

watching him trying to rescue me and my CD,
all my frustration was gone!

he continued...
and every now and then
he would mumble something that really cracks me up
"don't work"...  after knocking the lid of the player 
"i can do it"... looking very serious with the screwdriver and screws in his little hands...
"we need dadi"...  when we really couldn't get the CD

love you

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