Friday, November 22, 2013

behind the scene

while i was making the hot air balloon stands and stuff for his birthday party,
little bb was very keen to help out.

he constantly stole the hot air balloon, cloud cut outs, ribbons, etc from me...
he could only be stopped when i told him that he could help out
and i would give him the scraps and bits and pieces for him to mess with...

similarly when i was trying out different shapes and sizes of the hot air balloons and clouds,
he wanted to help out too.
he would take my ruler and measure their length for me,
and telling me the "correct" position of the raindrops and rainbow.

while i was taking pictures of him measuring,
i got the idea to use the image taken to make the party invitation
with the help of an iPhone app called photonia..

rooftop fun after we were done decorating the cookies that day...

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