Saturday, October 5, 2013

for dessert

passed by my secondary school todaybrought back many fond memories....


after his main meal tonight,
i asked if little bb wanted to check out the dessert bar.
he said yes so we went.

in front of us:
new york cheesecake
blueberry cheesecake
chestnut cake
chocolate cake

i told him what each one was and asked him to pick one...
he took a long time
and ended up pointing his finger
to my chest...

"huh????  you want mami and not any of these cakes!!!?"
he nodded his head...

"ok!  then i guess we don't need dessert!!"

so we went back to our table.

told somotu about what little bb picked.

and somotu said,
"yep, that's also what dadi has picked."


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