Tuesday, October 1, 2013

a nice quiet afternoon

somotu found out about this nice little place near little bb's school awhile ago...
original plan for the day (a public holiday) was to hit the beach
but little bb was sneezing quite a bit
and hence we changed the plan to just walk around this little place and play baseball. 

though we didn't get to play baseball for too long.there were dogs stopping by every now and then,and soon little bb was playing with the dogs.these two are lala and puffy.  we spent quite a bit of time playing with them,fetching, chasing, running.

and here's one that looks like our sugar!
only he is a boy and a super active one!  he was running non-stop for the whole time.
when he ran pass this raised planted area, he jumped right in and hid himself....
little bb had so much fun chasing after this little boy.

and another one!  a mini yorkshire terrier ....

we spent a good two hours plus here.  little bb refused to go home and wanted to keep playing with sugar-lookalike-poodle...we were only able to lure him to leave when we promised we will bring brownie and sugar here ....
it was a really nice and quiet afternoon...
and i really enjoyed watching the doggies, running along with them, chatting with their human friends (owners)....
i think i chatted with almost every single human friend (owner) of all the doggies we passed by.
and i love being able to do this,
especially in our city when most of the time every one on the street looks extremely busy (including myself) and sometimes not-so-approachable (hopefully i don't give people this impression!).

looking forward to bringing brownie and sugar with us next time.

i kept telling little bb to share our little adventure (especially all the lovely doggies we met) with brownie and sugar...
when we got home, little bb told them about the doggies we met and things we did.  *smile*

when we were leaving, we met a family of poodles: daddy, mommy, their 3 sons and another family member!  6 of them, all belongs to a couple!  they are all super cute and good looking.
while i think the couple is so lucky to have such a big family, somotu thinks it's beyond his limit (of the max number of doggies he can handle)... *laugh*

and ....   i had once wanted to be a vet....

my phone is constantly running out of storage...
i only managed to take this video:

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