Sunday, September 15, 2013


on the ride back home,
the three little silly piggies took turns to tell stories...

the first little piggy told us a story about mid-autumn festival...
he is always a very good story teller...
clear and flow well...

hearing us praising the first little piggy,
the eager second little piggy
couldn't wait to tell us a story,

bye bye!"

every one in the car laughed crazily,
seeing every one so happy,
the second little piggy continued with his next story,

從前有隻big bad wolf,
bye bye!"

more craziness in the car,

and the third little piggy went on to tell her stories,
stories as short and silly as the second little piggy's...

too bad i was too slow to capture the story telling session...
i only managed to take video of this one:

and the second little piggy is little bb.

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