Tuesday, September 3, 2013

rewind #9..... shiroi koibito park

it's been months but we are still talking about how fun our trip to sapporo was!

we went to the shiroi koibito park on our last day,
just before our flight back home in the afternoon.
it was quite a rush but we thought that would be alright as 
we didn't expect much to do or see at the park.

it was a super sunny day and the sky was clear and perfectly blue.
extremely nice weather....

when we got to the entrance, little bb's eyes sparkled as he saw the 
super cute little house lining from the entrance and leading to the park inside.

the park turned out to be more interesting than we thought,
well at least for little bb as he didn't want to leave.

he kept going in and out the little house,
running up and down the bridges,
smelling flowers,
playing hide and seek...

we also got to see the factory line for making the famous ishiya chocolate cookies,
ride on the train which took us in and out of tunnels,
ate super soft ice cream,
drank delicioussss berry fruit tea....

by the time we hit the train to the airport,
little bb was fast asleep
with sweet chocolate dreams

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