Tuesday, August 13, 2013

the yellow school bus

last saturday,
somotu got little bb this lantern in anticipation of the mid-autumn festival....

that night,
little bb wouldn't go to bed without it being blown up by somotu...

and when it was blown up,
he wouldn't go to bed without bringing it to bed with him...

we ended up playing with the lantern on bed...
"racing car!!!!!" went little bb and he rolled it to me in full speed.
"no no no" i said, "this is not a racing car.  it's a school bus"
"because if you go too fast, the little children in the school bus will get really dizzy"
"no! a racing car.... fast fast fast"
"no no no, you go slow slow slow"
he continued to roll it to me in full speed....
"let mami ask you this, what color is your school bus?"
"just like this one?
"does it go fast like a racing car?"
"no it does not....  mami has not seen it went fast like a racing car."
"because the children in the bus will get dizzy!"
i then pointed at charlie, snoopy, lucy on the side of the lantern....

finally there was silence in the air.
just when i thought he was finally settled with my answer,
he looked down from the top of the lantern, pointing at the top and went 
"no children inside"
"why mami?"

.......  dead silence in the air........

you are right little bb, there is no one in the bus.
it's actually not a bus,
it's just a lantern.

before i could think of anything to say to him,
he opened his book about elmo and friends going to school in a yellow school bus,
and pretended to take each of the friends out from the page
and placed them into the lantern....
"mami, children now"

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