Wednesday, August 7, 2013

*roger* a message from martian *roger*

apparently there was a pair of rainbow late afternoon today
i didn't know about until i saw some friends' posts on fb....

got home a bit later than usual tonight
and as soon as i stepped in the house,
a little person came rushing and mumbled something...
(actually rewind a bit, 
nowadays, the first thing he says to me when i got home is
"welcome home!"... sweet ...)

"@*#&$^#@*$^ thun DER
(*$&%)#($*%& THUN

i thought i just landed on mars....

a martian decoded the above for me,
the little martian was trying to tell me
that he saw rainbows...  long long ones... this afternoon.

don't ask me why did i pick up "thun DER" or "THUN"
i have no idea
i don't speak martian language

the grown up martian told me in plain english that the young martian wanted to draw a rainbow.
(again don't ask me why the grown up can't draw one for the young one but has to delegate it... )...

this is what we did

instead of drawing rainbows
we made rainbows with play dough

and sticked it onto the window so that we can have rainbow all the time.

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