Wednesday, August 14, 2013

more reasons and reasons

one of the exercise books i got for little bb....
and one that he enjoys the most....
this one first starts with practicing drawing lines
then progresses to finding the way out of mazes in different forms.

little bb is getting along quite well
and can sometimes find his way out in no time...
i guess now that he has gained some "confidence", the cheeky side of him kickes in....
lately, he likes to go round and round, get into all the corners of the maze
even when he clearly knows his way out....

like for the dolphin below,
he went down and back up on the right side of the tail 
before he would go to the star at the left side of the tail...
interested to know his reason behind,
i asked him why he doesn't go right to the star,
he went "唔係呀我鐘意兜圈呀!"
("i like to go round and round first!")

and same for the swallow above, 
he said he likes to 兜圈 and that's why he went up and down the head, the wing.... 
before he would go right to the star.
(he volunteered his reason.  i didn't even ask him... *laugh*)

and obviously, he loved the one below because he could 兜圈 for many many times....

recently i have started circling the parts where he crosses the grey lines when he is supposed to stay on the white part only.
after seeing me do the circling a few times,
he started circling himself....
and said "錯咗錯咗!"
(as in "wrong! wrong!")

it wasn't so much about getting it done correctly,
it was more about little bb's reasons and reactions
that i love to hear and see...
they really crack me up.
like this one,

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