Monday, August 26, 2013

little things

playing ghost that typhoon morning


when asked what did he have for lunch at our neighbor's house the other day,
he said
"nu dles an oc pus"

oh, you had noodles 
but octopus???!!!

and he meant the octopus sausages...


reading books as usual before bed
he picked a new one for me to read
the book was about a boy who has interesting dreams...
on one page, the illustration has the boy holding the hands of superman 
and waving hands at batman.

litttle bb asked
"y have rain boots??"
while pointing at superman's signature red boots...


before i could think of what to say,
he went on and asked
"y have this??"
while pointing at batman's signature mask

after a few seconds

i said,
"otherwise he will get cold"

little bb said,
(as in "and then?")

then he will get sick


then he will need to go home and rest


then his mami will need to make him drink 甜甜 (i.e. medicine)


then he will need to get some sleep


if he sleeps well, he will get well the next morning

and i was glad i didn't get anymore "現後呢?".

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