Friday, August 9, 2013

a little milestone

little bb has his 2nd day of K1 today
a tiny little milestone...
for a little person...

yesterday, his first day,
i took a day off to share his first day at school...
when i thought he would be running around 
looking for his teachers and classmates from pre-nursery
after having almost a month long of summer vacation,
he was very sticky.... (but i know he was happy)

he wouldn't let go of my hand
and wanted to play together, go weewee together,
listen to teacher's story telling time together....

it was sweet but seeing the other kids (most of them) were
doing things on their own while their mommies sat at the back of the classroom...
the more i observe him, the more i think he is the type that needs quite a fair bit of time
to warm up....
a part of me thinks it's not a big deal, just different personality
another part of me thinks things may get tougher for him, especially when it's so competitive these days....
i wish the education system could be less demanding, less competitive, less focused on deliverables but more on inner values, and more accommodative..

he went to school by school bus this morning,
while we wait for the bus to come,
we sang the song about a great big yellow school bus...
(last year, it was a white one)
it turned out that the school bus that came to pick him up was indeed a yellow one,