Tuesday, August 20, 2013

a 200+ days project: bunting

i broke my own record!
record of what?
record of the time taken to complete a sewing project.

early last year,
i got these pastel color cotton fabrics with lovely patterns of clouds, raindrops, stripes
and started cutting small triangles to make a bunting for my zakka / little bb's room.

i never got around to finish the project until last saturday.

for a change, this past weekend was very quiet and we didn't need to rush here and there...
i was determined to have the bunting done.

it was past mid-night when i was done
and i couldn't wait to show somotu who gave me a blank look (not surprising! *smile*)

next morning,
when little bb woke up,
i led him to the room and told him mami got a present for him...

with sparkling eyes,
he gave me a big grin and a very contented look...
he grabbed the bunting, wrapped it around his neck and
ran out to the living room to show it off to somotu and our helper...
and kept saying "𠺢𠺢媽咪整俾我𠺢!"

i have made him different things before, 
bibs, baby pants, tops, blankets, softies, etc... 
but this is the first time he understands what it was all about
and actually shows off / tells other about it...

seeing his smile,
hearing his words,
i am very contented too.

my next project,
summer blanket for little bb.


amy said...

lovely! how i wish to have a craft room too!

aileen ♥ motu said...

it's very hard to keep it as it is... it's now 80%+ being little bb's stuff!