Thursday, August 1, 2013

2 yrs and 9 months old

i did a post about little bb's favorite and not-so-favorite things some time ago
i wanted to do a comparison 
but i couldn't find the post!

i will start jotting things down first while i continue to look for that post.

his favourite drink:  water (this hasn't changed)
his favourite food:   noodles and pasta (i think it was rice before)
his favourite fruit:  cherries
his favourite kind of toy:  cars (this hasn't changed)
his favourite book:  cars and trucks and things that go by richard scarry
his favourite CD:  going to the zoo
his favourite youtube short videos:  here
his favourite top:  a short sleeves tee which is a gift from his little buddy from 17th floor

in the morning,
the first thing he normally says is
followed by

at bedtime,
no matter how tired he is, he insisted
"read book book"
"read car car book book"

his bargaining skills are at master level,
when we asked him to stop doing something, we normally give him 1 minute to wind down...
nowadays, he will talk back
" 2 minute"
within a second, the 2 minutes will become 5 minutes!
"唔係唔係 5 minute!"

when he asked for his daily dose of "star candy" (vitamins), we will give him one piece...
and he will say,
"2", "3".....  

recently, he is refusing to read, watch, listen to certain stories and videos.
the common thing among them is that something or someone will be broken or hurt...
for instance, i got him a couple of story books..  
the gingerbread man, jack and the beanstalk, and a super cute book about a baby owl falling down from a tree who needs to find mami, and another about a little boy who is afraid of the dark....
i can see his face change as i flip the pages
he seems to know that something horrible will happen as i turn the pages...
like the gingerbread man got eaten by the fox,
jack got chased by the giant,
baby owl can't find his mami,
the little boy surrounded by darkness in the basement...

one night, i was half way through the gingerbread man,
he suddenly put his hand on mine stopping me from turning the page
and said "i don't like this one".

the sentence took me by surprise as it is one of the first few moments that he could express himself so well....

the video that he refuses to watch is hickory dickory dock!
he doesn't want the elephant to fall down!
i tried very hard not to laugh as i need to show empathy
but his reaction was too funny....

the other day, a friend said to me that little bb's hairstyle resembles that of kiki (the blue head boy of little twin stars)...  and she is right!  i didn't realize that little bb's hairstyle is as mushroom as kiki (maybe this explains why i like little bb with mushroom hair... cuz i like little twin stars)... well, that was before he got his haircut....  i actually miss his long hair... i think i will let them grow long again....

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