Saturday, August 31, 2013

playing in the dark

with his mid-autumn festival lantern

and i like the blurred one...  bokeh....

Friday, August 30, 2013

made another summer blanket

when summer is more than half way over
i finally made a summer blanket for little bb

used organic cotton fabric (with polka dots pattern) for one side,
flowery cotton fabric for the other side,
added baby pompom trimmings in baby yellow and cream colour,
and an iron-on little black baa baa sheep at one corner (chosen by little bb)

i was struggling a bit with the flowery cotton fabric
flowers for boys?
but then, in the end, why not?

and finally a lace monogram which is sewn onto felt with polka dots pattern
...  i chose black... 
to go with the baa baa sheep
and i guess 
to make a bit less girly

Thursday, August 29, 2013

my quiet corner

little brother, big brother

 photo faces-1.gif

messing around with things

refusing to let me take pictures of him

giving me cheeky faces 


big brother coming over to control the scene


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

little things

found the perfect little blue pom pom to go with the bunting i made the other day

hopefully this one will dry nicely

loving these little toes

he loves to cook

got this cute little cooking set from utrecht
and little bb loves cooking play dough with them

last saturday, there was something new on the menu...

with (imaginary salt and pepper), play dough, wooden food
and balloons,
he came up with a new dish for the menu

panfried balloons with sauteed veggies!

while the dish was still hot, he rushed to somotu
and asked daddy to have the first tasting.

seeing balloons in the dish,
with a straight face,
somotu finished his dish.

little bb happily went to prepare a second dish 
and rushed again to somotu...

seeing balloons again in the dish,
with an unwilling face,
somotu told little bb he was full already
but little bb insisted....

and that was our saturday afternoon...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

my funny valentine, chet baker

pretty little things

Especially love the vintage scissors I got from Tokyo....

Monday, August 26, 2013

little things

playing ghost that typhoon morning


when asked what did he have for lunch at our neighbor's house the other day,
he said
"nu dles an oc pus"

oh, you had noodles 
but octopus???!!!

and he meant the octopus sausages...


reading books as usual before bed
he picked a new one for me to read
the book was about a boy who has interesting dreams...
on one page, the illustration has the boy holding the hands of superman 
and waving hands at batman.

litttle bb asked
"y have rain boots??"
while pointing at superman's signature red boots...


before i could think of what to say,
he went on and asked
"y have this??"
while pointing at batman's signature mask

after a few seconds

i said,
"otherwise he will get cold"

little bb said,
(as in "and then?")

then he will get sick


then he will need to go home and rest


then his mami will need to make him drink 甜甜 (i.e. medicine)


then he will need to get some sleep


if he sleeps well, he will get well the next morning

and i was glad i didn't get anymore "現後呢?".

Sunday, August 25, 2013

been years... but still listening almost everyday and 
still one of my favorite albums

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

love to last

after quite a long while,
they are dried to perfection....
loving their faded colours
loving their delicacy
loving their smallness
loving their shapes
loving their outlines

thanks again somotu and little bb 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

a 200+ days project: bunting

i broke my own record!
record of what?
record of the time taken to complete a sewing project.

early last year,
i got these pastel color cotton fabrics with lovely patterns of clouds, raindrops, stripes
and started cutting small triangles to make a bunting for my zakka / little bb's room.

i never got around to finish the project until last saturday.

for a change, this past weekend was very quiet and we didn't need to rush here and there...
i was determined to have the bunting done.

it was past mid-night when i was done
and i couldn't wait to show somotu who gave me a blank look (not surprising! *smile*)

next morning,
when little bb woke up,
i led him to the room and told him mami got a present for him...

with sparkling eyes,
he gave me a big grin and a very contented look...
he grabbed the bunting, wrapped it around his neck and
ran out to the living room to show it off to somotu and our helper...
and kept saying "𠺢𠺢媽咪整俾我𠺢!"

i have made him different things before, 
bibs, baby pants, tops, blankets, softies, etc... 
but this is the first time he understands what it was all about
and actually shows off / tells other about it...

seeing his smile,
hearing his words,
i am very contented too.

my next project,
summer blanket for little bb.

Monday, August 19, 2013

beautiful girl.... this one is ours

happy birthday sugar!
we love you!

and don't worry, 
you don't look a bit like 7 years old!

 photo sugar7.gif

and this song is especially for you,
our beautiful girl.


lights were all turned off
the two of us lying in bed....
little bb didn't want to sleep
i, wanted him to sleep so badly

"mami, 坐唔school bus?" asking whether i will ride the school bus with him tomorrow
因為school bus浄係俾小朋友.
"我同school busmami坐, 不如..."

"twelve o'clock?"
唔係. mami 到到都唔去, 而家陪你瞓覺.
good night, i love you.
"good night, i love you."

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Comehome* @ mushroom

the cutest little shop.....
love the decor,
love every little thing in it....

if not because somotu and little bb were waiting for me,
i could linger till the sun comes out the next day...

and here they are!
homemade cookies by Comehome*
i am very happy to see that they've got a very good-looking neighbor...
the vintage book standing behind them. 

the marshmallow kisses

Saturday, August 17, 2013

a night in paris

Paris Rétro by Maron Bouillie
more about it here and here