Saturday, July 20, 2013

weekend fun across the sea

last weekend, we spent a night in macau....

definitely not a relaxing trip
we came back home with broken arms, back and legs...
but seeing little bb having such a good time with his friends,
guess it's all worth it.

the parade....  with characters from madagascar,
i was thrilled to meet the penguin gang!  
they were my favorite from the movie!
and i was even more thrilled as they patted little bb's head a few times!
(i should have asked for their autograph!  hahahahaha)

and the play room.....
or rather, the sunkist factory....

watching the kids play is very amusing....
better than watching any movie....

for instance, in the above two photos,
what was happening is that:
- no talking amongst the three of them (at least i didn't hear a word)
- they just assume their position and role as if they have been doing this for ages
- without any talking, they know exactly what each of them was to do
- the one assuming the position on the left is pick up the orange balls and keep putting them on the orange rectangular cushion for them to roll down the blue slanted cushion
- the one assuming the position in the middle is the QC, i.e. making sure the balls go through the orange rectangular cushion
- the one assuming the position on the right is to hit the ball with the orange cylinder as it rolled down

my friend and i have no clue what these actions are for and why they find it interesting, or at least occupying (they were doing this for a good 15+ minutes)

and watching them, we think we saw a factory line in a sunkist factory....  hahahahaha
(and again, the most amazing thing is they didn't need to talk to each other throughout)

ever since our sapporo trip, little bb has grown to love this game... 
and he is getting good at it.

soccer.....   little bb didn't really get it...  he thought as long as he gets the ball into the net he wins...  so he tried to get the ball into both ends...  

and water fun again!

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