Tuesday, July 23, 2013

water fun, my turn!

i thought it has been at least 15 years
but somotu corrected me..
he thinks it should be 12+ years
since i last wore swimsuit....

as i said in my previous post,
i can't swim and i hate swimsuits...
but seeing little bb and somotu having so much water fun,
i have decided to get one...

got one on saturday
and i must say it must be the ugliest and out-dated piece...
but it's one that i feel comfortable with...

and i actually couldn't wait to put it on so that i can jump right into the pool with little bb
(another proof that becoming a parent will change a person)

despite the rain and cloudy day,
we went for some fun late this afternoon....

 photo motuswim2.gif
 photo motuswim.gif

i still don't like the feel of swimsuit
(i dislike things that are tight on me)
but i was able to overcome it with the fun and laughter.

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