Sunday, July 21, 2013

sweet stuff

had a super delicious fruit pizza this afternoon...
had three slices of them after a full meal!!!
especially like the thin slices of sugared oranges....

after lunch,
we went to the hair salon for a hair cut....
it's little bb's shortest cut to date!
when i saw the hair on the floor,
i couldn't help but felt a bit sad.....
i like his long hair....

but i must say he now looks like a boy


little sweet words:

while i was giving medicine to sugar and brownie,
little bb got very nervous and came running saying
"mami, 小心呀!"
"brownie, 唔好咬呀!"
because i had to stick my fingers and the pill into brownie and sugar's throat
which they didn't really like....

while somotu was checking how much more parking space left,
little bb got nervous and said,
"dadi, 小心車呀!"

thank you little bb

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